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Sport history

alpha Technik has been active in Racing since 1996.

General Managers Josef Meier (l.) and Josef Hofmann (r.), achieved successes as Team leaders and wrote History in national and international series.



The Birth year of alpha Technik in Motorcycle Racing
Both General Managers and Team Managers Josef Hofmann and Josef Meier started by supporting SUZUKI in the Pro Superbike - Series. With Michael Rudroff as an experienced rider on a Suzuki GSX-R 750  they fought for points and standings.





With the experience from the previous season and with the ongoing commited Support of SUZUKI Germany, a place in the top 5 Pro Superbike Championship is planned. A crash during a training session with Rudroffs Suzuki GSX-R 750 in Colmar-Berg changes the season plans. In the end they had good single results


After Rudroffs Announcement to quit, alpha Technik together with SUZUKI Germany Were looking for a new rider for the season in the Pro Superbike series. On short notice they involved the Spanish Ruben Xaus. He got used to the 165 hp strong Suzuki GSX-R 750. What potential the bike and the rider had showed a second place at Pannonia-Ring and a first-class final race at Hockenheim.


For the first time the alpha Technik Team starts in the Supersport Class 600. The Rider Markus Barth belonged to the favorites of the season with his 125 hp  Suzuki GSX-R 600. Handicaped by a few crashes he still managed a good 6th place in the final ranking.
MuZ 660 Cup    

Also Paul Maria Listl from Regensburg rides for alpha Technik in MuZ 660 Cup under alpha. He outstandingly wins the cup  in the end.


6 Riders for alpha Technik
Alongside the established SUZUKI Superbike Team with Rider Giovanni Bussei on a SUZUKI GSX-R 750 there is also YAMAHA-Superbike Department for the first time with Rider Brian Morrison on a YAMAHA R7.
Michael Rudroff decided on short notice to take part another season in the PRO Superbike Series. The Bike: SUZUKI TL 1000 R.

The acquired know how from the previous year regarding injection and spark ignition which was surely leading in the motorcycle crowd, let Team Managers Josef Hofmann and Josef Meier look optimistic in the season `99.


In the SUPERSPORT 600 they compete with Riders Barth and Oelschläger on a SUZUKI GSX-R 600 in the German Championship. Both Riders dominate the class almost at will and share Wins and Podiums. At the end of the season Barth is german Champion and Oelschläger runner up.

MuZ 660 Cup
Also starting again: Paul Maria List in MuZ Cup. Bad Luck with crashes baffle the successful title defence. He becomes 2nd in the championship in the end.



Entry in the Superbike / Supersport Worldchampionship
SUPERBIKE Worldchampionship

In the year of the Millenium the alpha Technik Team starts in the international Racing Series Supersport- & Superbike Worldchampionship for the first time!
The Riders were identical to the previous year in the German PRO SUPERBIKE Markus Barth and Jürgen Oelschläger. However, in the highly competitive royal league they could not fight for wins

alpha Technik also integrate the Supersport Team with the Riders Jörg Teuchert and Christian Kellner as well as Team Manager Udo Mark next to the WSBK Team.
Yamaha provided the Team with the needed material. With the Riders Kellner & Teuchert the Team belonged to the top candidate for the Worlchampionship Title.
The season was stamped with a lot of height and also defeat the team had to absorb. To give an example, on the last but one race in Oschersleben both Team Riders were in 1st and 2nd place and crashed in the last corner. In the final race at Brands Hatch (UK), Jörg Teuchert secured the title after a dramatic race. An gratefull
4th place in the final ranking was made by Team Rider Christian Kellner from Waging only a few points behind his Co Rider and Worldchampion Jörg Teuchert.



alpha Technik with Honda in the SUPERSPORT Worldchampionship

SUPERSPORT Worldchampionship
After the success of 2000 YAMAHA Germany took the SUPERSPORT Team back under control and tried to repeat the success for several years..
Thitherto, the Worldchampion Title of  
Jörg Teuchert stayed the last Worldchampion Title of a German Racer.

alpha Technik decided to accept an offer from Honda Europe to manage a SUPERSPORT Worldchampionship Team with Honda motorcycles. They chose the Riders Adam Fergusson (AUS) and Markus Barth.
Adam Fergusson got seriously injured at a pre season test and could not compete at the first race of the season in Valencia. He was replaced by the young Alex Gobert for this race. For the second race in Phillip Island, Australia Adam was fit again and came 2nd in the wet race. In the second race Adam as well as his Co Rider Markus had problems to show their full potential. Anyhow, podiums were achieved.


Return to the IDM

IDM Supersport

The alpha Technik returns to the IDM with HONDA. The two Riders Tobias Kirmeier & Jürgen Oelschläger start in the Supersport 600. The talented Newcomer Tobias Kirmeier convinced the Team with 2 brilliant 4th places during the Season. Jürgen Oelschläger came 1st in Salzburg and cried tears of joy into his helmet, dried his tears and hugged tuner Thomas Franz. The local hero lived 10 km away, in Salzburg he got infected with the race virus.. Oelschläger could not have given a nicer present to his Teammangers Sepp Hofmann and Sepp Meier. The bavarian motorcycle traders had a big buffet in the paddock to celebrate the companies 10 year anniversary.
With place 4 Oelschläger and 9 Kirmeier in the final ranking the team had reached its season goals.




Updraft in the IDM

The alpha Technik HONDA Team also set the bar in the IDM  high in the 2003 season. The Team competed in the SUPERSPORT 600 and SUPERBIKE Championship.
Michael Schulten was brought to the Bavarian Team to make for success on the Honda CBR 900 RR. Also starting in the premier class is Jürgen Oelschläger. Both mixed up the field quite a bit and could win 3rd (Schulten) and 5th (Oelschläger) place.     
IDM Supersport

The reigning Supersport 600 champion, Michael Schulten started in the 600cc class on the new CBR 600 RR in order to defend his title. At his side was also at the young rider Tobias Kirmeier.

Also in the Supersport 600 class  the alpha Technik riders provided a stir.  Alpha

In the end, Michael Schulten could defend his title, and gave Honda their first title in many years. At the end of the season Tobias Kirmeir secured a respectable sixth place.




Double champion


In the 2004 season, the team of alpha Technik Honda set new standards in the IDM again. Michael Schulten together with the team from Bavaria reached the first rank in the Superbike class on a Honda CBR 1000 RR. Teammate Jurgen Oelschlager was fourth in the overall standings.



IDM Supersport

The Belgian rider Werner Daemen  becomes German champion in the Supersport class with two race victories . His teammate Tobias Kirmeier was fourth in the overall standings.

Superbike and Supersport championship titles are the result of the harmonious cooperation of the riders and the team. The Team alpha Technik van Zon Honda Racing wins the Superbike Manufacturers' Championship for the motorcycle brand Honda.



5 riders, 2 podiums at the end, 1 double starter


In 2005, the alpha Technik Team Honda was well represented by 3 riders in the IDM Superbike. After a three- year racing pause, Ralf Waldmann has his comeback in the Team of alpha Technik van Zon. The two-time runner up in the 250 cc class is traded as the superstar of the 2005 season in the IDM Superbike class by all trade media. In fact, Ralf Waldmann is the most popular and successful German active motorcycle racer. He meets strong competitors in the IDM, led by the reigning champion and teammate Michael Schulten.Werner Daemen, reigning Supersport 600 champion in 2004 wants to defend the Supersport title, but sets the course for the transition to the highest German Motorsport class at the same time and starts in the IDM Supersport 600 as well as in the IDM Superbike. At the end, Michael Schulten comes third overall place, "Waldi" narrowly missed the top ten and Werner Daemen lays the foundation for further success with his 16th overall place.

IDM Supersport

Also in this class, three riders of the alpha Technik Van Zon Honda Team are starting. Werner Daemen even as a double starter in Supersport and Superbike. Alongside Werner Daemen and Arne Tode also Jesco Günther is on the track in team colors. Unfortunately, Werner can not defend his title comes eighth, but Arne Tode can save the third overall place in his first season with the  team.


A racelady in the team, champion and runner up in Supersport


 In the 2006 season, the alpha Technik van Zon Honda Team is represented by Michael Schulte and Werner Daemen in the Superbike class. Also with the alpha Technik was Nina Prinz, the only lady in the IDM Superbike.Despite many fall outs during the season Schulten came 4th Place at the end . Teammate Werner Daemen fought bravely in his first World Superbike year  and could achieve several podiums. In the end the Belgian comes in 8th place in the overall standings.  Nina Prinz's season in the highest class of the IDM was interrupted due to sponsorship problems at times and could therefore only rarely show her potential on the racetrack.

IDM Supersport


Like 2005 Arne Tode and Jesco Günther   started for Alpha Technik in the IDM Supersport class. Arne Tode started with full points in the 2006 season and this should not change the course of the season. Before the season ended Arne could already secure the championship title. The second fastest from the alpha Team, Jesco Günther, came 3rd place after a spectacular season. He had to be content with only 10 points behind the 2nd place.


Many podiums and 2nd places in the end for „KBA“


2007 the Norwegian Kai-Børre Andersen and the Belgian Werner Daemen started in the most powerful IDM class, the Superbikes. Both riders started racing with big ambitions in the 2007 season. Werner  Daemen, who had already established himself in the previous year in the Superbike class fought  to win numerous podiums and he was not disappointed. With a great 5th Place in the overall standings, he showed that he belonged to the best riders on the track. New Addition Kai-Børre Andersen was also keen on the 1st place. He came from the World Superbike Championship and made a splash in his first race. The "eternal second" indeed could not win during the entire season, but secured the second overall place with consistent races.


Preparation of the transfer to the international stage

The racing year 2008, alpha Technik did not register a team in the IDM race series. Nevertheless, alpha Technik participates actively in racing e.g. in the form of Pirelli tire service or Bitubo Race Service. Both institutions looked after the teams in the paddock during the entire season 2008.

A major project casts its shadow - the entry of BMW Motorrad Motorsport in the World Superbike Championship  with the completely new developed S1000RR.

In close cooperation with BMW Motorrad Motorsport a completely new infrastructure is installed. Responsible for handling the racing  a new company is founded, the alpha-Racing GmbH & Co KG.  Already in October 2007, the construction of the alpha Racing Competence Center begins very close to alpha Technik. Already in April 2008, the first hall is ready for occupancy. The team is starting to shape and tackles the task.


2009 IDM

4 Riders on the brandnew  BMW S1000RR


In the 2009 racing season alpha Technik  is active in the IDM again. With four riders on the all-new S1000RR a newly formed team starts in the IDM Superbike. Werner Daemen, who is a regular rider for Alpha Technik for years  and Julian Mazuecos, already successful in the Endurance Worldchampionship, will fight for the IDM. Also involved are the two rookies Filip Altendorfer, previous year's winner of the Yamaha R6-Dunlop Cup, and Toni Wirsing. Making their debut in the Superbike after the transition from the IDM 125 and an intermediate engagement in the 250cc World Championship.

2009 IDM - Review

Fantastic IDM Debut

In addition to the Superbike World Championship team , the dedicated work of IDM riders, technicians, mechanics and loyal fans helped in various races at national level to succeed with the S 1000 RR. For 2009, the first  participation in the IDM Superbike Championship in which the Belgian Rider Werner Daemen secured the 3rd overall place  should be mentioned.

The great talent Daemen won two races and 4 Podiums on the way to the third place in the championship on  the BMW S 1000 RR - an excellent performance in its first season in this highly competitive racing series, which is Germany's most important motorcycle championship and one of the most competitive domestic race series in the world.

2009 WSBK - Review

Welcome to the Superbike World Championship: in 2009, BMW Motorrad Motorsport took on the challenge of the premium class for production-based motorcycles for the first time. The decision by BMW Motorrad to enter the World Championship fray undoubtedly came in one of the toughest and most competitive phases in the history of the championship, which dated back to 1988. The team from Munich and Stephanskirchen went up against no fewer than six renowned manufacturers.

In two-time world champion Troy Corser (AUS) and Catalan Ruben Xaus (ESP), the project welcomed two experienced riders with a wealth of know-how. The 2009 debut season was clearly intended as a learning and development year for Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport. At the end of the year, the new team could reflect positively on its season: 14 race weekends, 28 races and 17 top-ten finishes.

The road version of the BMW S 1000 RR made its much-anticipated debut at the end of 2009. The feedback was extremely positive from both the specialist press and customers. The supersports bike from Munich immediately became one of the top-sellers in the superbike sector.

2010 IDM Year Review

In the second year on the BMW S 1000 RR it worked out even better for the alpha Technik - van Zon - BMW team  than the first year in 2009.

 Whereas the team was taking care of four riders in 2009, the focus was on only 2 riders in 2010. Also in the team was the experienced and long-term Alpha Technik rider Werner  Daemen (B) and Barry Veneman (NL),  who moved from the Supersport World Championship to the IDM Team in Stephanskirchen. 

After a promising start to the Euro Speedway Lausitz (3rd place for Veneman), the team experienced some ups and downs , but always fighting at the top with the other top teams. Like the previous year,  the meeting at the Salzburgring was a highlight. The Belgian Werner Daemen could win the two "home races" at the high-speed . Another highlight was the race weekend in Assen, where Barry Veneman could get 25 points twice. In the first race Barry had to admit defeat to guest starter Max Neukichner who was not entitled to points. Barry could win Race two and was then on the top of the podium for the first time in 2010. 

Before the last weekend at the Hockenheimring, the decisions for the rider as well as the manufacturer standings were still  outstanding. It was still hoped to obtain the riders title with Werner Daemen and secure the brand rating with BMW. Unfortunately, both goals remain unmatched. In the Riders Championship they had to admit defeat to WSBK Rider Karl Muggeridge and the KTM Riders managed to jump on top of the Manufacturer Standings due to their great performance. The season ended with a 2nd  (Daemen) and 5th (Veneman) overall place . The 2nd place in the manufacturer standing  was made with BMW  

“We have clearly improved after our first year in 2009”  the team owners Josef Hofmann and Josef Meier. "Last year we were on the third place in the Championship and the Manufacturers' Championship on the third place. In both categories there was a rank forward.“

2011 IDM Year Review

Established bike with a new team formation

In the third racing season on the BMW S1000RR, the Swiss tool manufacturer "Kraftwerk" as a new partner and a new rider "Marc Wildisen" join the the team. First rider continued to be the trusted long-term rider Werner Daemen. But while still in preparations for the season the successful Belgian moved into the position of team manager and left his place to the ambitious Australian Damian Cudlin who emerged as IDM Supersport Champion in 2010.

In addition to the first races of the season  another Rider appeared in the “alpha Technik – Van Zon – Kraftwerk – BMW”. Markus Reiterberger, a young Bavarian from the area and reigning R6 Cup winner replaced the injured Marc Wildisen. Both riders made a perfectly satisfactory debut season.

Damian Cudlin established himself in the Superbike class quite quickly, was on the podium 5 times during the season and stayed close to the top with several 4th places. Thus “Damo”  traveled to the final race at Hockenheimring being on 3rd place, tried to reach the 2nd place, but  unfortunate circumstances at the race weekend only allowed the 4th place in the overall standings. Marc Wildisen had fun with the powerful BMW despite his race breaks due to illness and Markus Reiterberger could supplement his dedication in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup perfectly with a IDM Guest start  and gain valueable race miles on his new bike.

The  one Brand Championship by BMW underlines the fact that the S 1000 RR is currently the most successful superbike on the market.

Werner Daemen did no longer race in  2011, but he could be seen  on the track with his starting number 2 during practices to choose the tyres.  Mid-August, the likeable Belgian crashed so badly in training for the long distance World Cup that he ended his active racing career with this season. He remains in the racing world as a team manager .

Team and business Owners, Josef Hofmann and Josef Meier look back on another important commitment in the IDM of their companies alpha Technik and alpha Racing!

2011 WSBK - Review

For its third year in the Superbike World Championship, BMW Motorrad Motorsport strengthened its ranks with a young, ambitious rider: runner-up in the 2010 World Championship, Leon Haslam (GBR) joined the team as the team-mate of old hand Troy Corser. The 2011 season started with a bang: at the curtain-raiser in Phillip Island, Australia, Haslam finishes third to claim his first podium in his first race on the BMW S 1000 RR.


The riders were regularly seen competing at the front of the field, and it seemed only a matter of time until the long-awaited first victory. But the team was repeatedly hampered by setbacks, which prevented this triumph. Haslam claimed a further two podium finishes. Corser suffered a particularly tough setback: the Australian broke his left arm in a crash at Motorland Aragón, which forced him out of action for several weeks. At the end of the season the two-time world champion called time on his long and successful career.


BMW Motorrad was able to celebrate the first victory for the RR in a world championship race in 2011: Team BMW Motorrad France 99 won a round of the Enduro World Championship in Albacete, Spain. The team also claimed the bike’s first lead in a world championship and at the end of a thrilling long-distance season, Team BMW Motorrad France 99 narrowly missed out on the title, finishing runner-up overall. BMW riders also tasted success in other international and national series, including many national titles.

2012 WSBK - Review

On winning ways: Team BMW Motorrad Motorsports reviews its best ever season in the FIM Superbike World Championship.

Munich/Stephanskirchen, 11th October 2012. With last weekend’s races at Magny-Cours (FRA), the 2012 FIM Superbike World Championship came to a close. Now, after 14 exciting rounds in eleven countries, Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport can review the season with satisfaction. It was a year full of highlights and milestones. The targets set have been achieved, namely to close the gap to the teams at the very top and to challenge for the World Championship. The squad established itself within the leading teams and fought for both the Riders’ and the Manufacturers’ title to the very last race.


Factory riders Marco Melandri (ITA) and Leon Haslam (GBR) claimed six victories, in total 16 podium finishes and five fastest race laps on their BMW S 1000 RRs, thus making it the team’s most successful ever season in the Superbike World Championship. In the Riders’ Championship, Marco finished the season in third overall claiming the best ever result for a BMW rider in this category. His gap to title winner Max Biaggi (ITA) was 29 points in the end. In the Manufacturers’ Championship, Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport and the BMW Motorrad Italia GoldBet SBK Team with riders Michel Fabrizio and Ayrton Badovini (both ITA) secured second overall for BMW Motorrad, 23.5 points behind winner Aprilia. This is the best ever result for the German manufacturer in the series.


The season started well at the end of February at Phillip Island (AUS), where Marco finished second in his first ever race on the RR. At the next round at Imola (ITA), Leon secured the first double podium for BMW Motorrad in the series by finishing both races in third. The next milestone was reached in the first race of the fifth round at Donington (GBR): Marco claimed the first ever victory for BMW Motorrad in the series and with Leon as runner-up it was also the first ever ‘one-two’.


In the following races, Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport continued its way up, claiming more wins and podiums. The next highlight was the Czech round at Brno in July. For the first time ever BMW Motorrad took the lead in the Manufacturers’ classification of the Superbike World Championship, and also for the first time BMW Motorrad won both races of a World Championship weekend with Marco riding his RR to victory in both heats. Two rounds later, at the series’ Russian debut at Moscow, Marco took the lead in the Riders’ championship by claiming his sixth win of the season. It was another milestone as Marco was the first BMW rider to top that classification.


The season entered its exciting final stretch with BMW Motorrad leading in both standings but racing not only offers highlights but also setbacks, a fact that the team had to experience. Two difficult race days with crashes and issues at Nürburging (GER) and Portimão (POR) cost the lead in the classifications. Nevertheless the whole squad stayed focused and determined to end the season on a high at the finale at Magny-Cours. This will to succeed was rewarded by another second place on the podium for Marco, who rode with two broken ribs.


“It has been a great year, with so many moments of joy”, reflects BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director Bernhard Gobmeier. “When we headed to Australia for the first round in February, we hoped that the hard work and development done over winter with the then new RR would pay off in the form of top results. Looking back now, I have to admit that the successes in a way even exceeded our expectations.  Our target was to further improve step by step, to win races and to challenge for the title. To celebrate six victories and so many podium finishes is a dream come true for everyone at BMW Motorrad. Of course we not only experienced joy but also setbacks but we never gave up. Even in difficult times, every single member of the team stayed focused and worked even harder in order to return to winning ways. This commitment was one of the keys to our success. A big ‘thank you’ to the whole BMW Motorrad family - to the two factory riders, Marco and Leon, and their crews, to everybody who worked so hard at the race track and behind the scenes at Munich and Stephanskirchen. Thank you also to the BMW Motorrad Italia Goldbet SBK Team with riders Michel and Ayrton, who also scored important points for the Manufacturers’ Championship. Every single member of the staff played his vital role that made this the best ever season for BMW Motorrad in World Superbikes possible.”

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