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Markus Reiterberger is Superbike*IDM champion

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IDM Hockenheimring, 2Oth untill 22nd of September 2013 Markus Reiterberger is Superbike*IDM champion

BMW rider scores title with double win
With the seventh and penultimate round of the Internationalen Deutschen Motorradmeisterschaft SUPERBIKE*IDM all the teams met at the Hockenheimring. The Team Van Zon – Remeha - BMW was totally focused on the 19 year old Markus Reiterberger. With his double victory, the youngster from Obing, Germany earned the title in the best way possible as a rookie in the championship.

His team mate Erwan Nigon wasn’t there to congratulate Reiterberger in person, as he had to send in his congratulations from home, still nursing his triple broken foot he sustained at the Sachsenring. En the Team Van Zon – alpha Technic – BMW powered by Herpigny with riders Arie Vos (NL) and Bastien Mackels (B).

Markus Reiterberger: total succes

As soon as training got started, Markus Reiterberger showed his intentions aboard his BMW S 1000 RR. After setting the fastest time on Friday, he set the pole on Saturday. “Finally I have a good feeling in the front,” Reiterberger explained his pace. “That wasn’t the case at the Sachsenring. We altered the set-up and the chassis and got it right. But I have to admit my pace was rather good.” ‘Rather good’ means a 1’26.229 in the case of Markus Reiterberger.

Even tough his competitors tried to upset him from the start of the first race, but Reiterberger refused to give in to the pressure. He took the lead, backed by his team mate Arie Vos, who took the second spot behind Reiterberger. At the ende, Reiterberger could build a two second cussion to win the race.

Because Damian Cudlin only finished third, his title bet was over. Even with three races to spare, Reiterberger was to far ahead in the points table. But Reiterberger showed his utter professionalisme, refusing to party. “I’m trying to keep concentrated, as we still have a race to go.”And in the second heat, he took the lead from the start, never surrendering i tand winning by six seconds ahead of the pack.

“Leading up tot his race, I got rather nervous.”said Reiterberger. “During the training, it all went superb. And I didn’t expect that. But I proved to be the fastest this weekend and I got the championship. All-in allo ne hell of a weekend!’

Arie Vos proves his worth, Mackels keeps ahead

In IDM-Superstock, Bastien Mackels, rider for the Team Van Zon – alpha Technik – BMW powered by Herpigny team found himself on unfamiliar ground at the IDM-version of the Hockemheimring.

“This is where my team is so great,”spoke the Belgian after setting the fastest time in quqlifying. . “We have a great base set-up so I can focus on riding from the word go. Altough the Motodrom is hard to learn.”

Mackels granted himself the best position to gun for the title. “It’s natural to have that in the back of my mind, but I try to push that aside.”

In the first race, Mackels crashed. “My mistake,”Mackels admitted afterwards. “I went on the gas to early and the rear tyre just cried enough.”But Mackels got a second shot at the race, as it was red flagged. The Belgian had to start from the pitlane in the second start. “The throttle wasn’t good,”said Daemen. “We altered that now.”

But it proved all-in vain as Mackels dropped out of the race with electrical issues. “Because of his crash a sensor got damaged,”spoke Daemen. “So the electronics switched to the emergency mapping, giving the engine no power at all.”Mackels was still grated points for a fourth place finsh. Luckily, the second race went a lot better, with Mackels winning. “I pushed very hard in the beginning, but after settling in the lead in my class, I used my head and didn’t take up the fight with the Superbike guys. But after this weekend I opened up the points gap towards my competitors and that is what counts.”

Arie Vos had a splendid weekend. “We gave him a new bike,”said Daemen. Vos got his hands on the same spec bike as Reiterberger and Nigon, who have an evolution of the camshafts. Nd by the absence of Nigon, Vos also got to work wih technician Kurt Stückle. The Dutchman set a fourth fastest time in qualifying.

Vos thanked the team for their confidence by finishing directly behind winner Reiterberger, heping his teammate to the title by holding of the competition. “Markus won the title, and I had my share in that. And off course I didn’t take any risks riding behind Markus.”

In the second race, Vos again rode along the leaders, but luckely he escaped from a highsider in the SachsKurve. “To bad,”Vos soke afterwards. “The race went even better thn the first one, but we took a risk with the setting and possible tyre wear. The tyre went to quick and I finished sixth. Not perfect.”

“I am so happy with my team,”spoke Werer Daemen later that evening. “With Markus Reiterberger, I can work with the most talented rider in Germany. Bastien Mackels can also win his first tite in his rookie season and Vos showed what he is capable of. As a Team Leader, I couldn’t be happier.”

The final races of the SUPERBIKE*IDM races will be held mid-October at the Lausitzring.

Practice/Starting order:

    1.26,229 Markus Reiterberger (D/BMW)
     1.27,229 Damian Cudlin (AUS/BMW)
     1.27,616 Bastien Mackels (B/BMW)
     1.27,629 Arie Vos (NL/BMW)

Race 1

    1. Markus Reiterberger (D/BMW)
    2. Arie Vos (NL/BMW)
    3. Damian Cudlin (AUS/BMW)
    18. Bastien Mackels (B/BMW)

Race 2

    1. Markus Reiterberger (D/BMW)
    2. Damian Cudlin (AUS/BMW)
    3. Gareth Jones (AUS/Yamaha)
    6. Arie Vos (NL/BMW)
    8. Bastien Mackels (B/BMW)

Championship standing Superbike after 14 of 16 races

    264 points Markus Reiterberger (D/BMW)
    182 points Damian Cudlin (AUS/BMW)
    156 points Michael Ranseder (A/Honda)
    153 points Gareth Jones (AUS/Yamaha)
    148 points Erwan Nigon (F/BMW)
    141 points Arie Vos (NL/BMW)

Championship standing Superstock after 14 off 16 Rennen

    1. 304 points Bastien Mackels (B/BMW)
    2. 298 points Daniel Sutter (CH/Kawasaki)
    3. 231 points Dominik Vincon (D/BMW)

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